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SpyBot - Search & Destroy Portable 2.4 DC 2015.02.25 * PortableApps *

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SpyBot - Search & Destroy Portable 2.4 DC 2015.02.25 * PortableApps *

Spybot - Search & Destroy - Designed for private use and includes everything you need to scan, detect and remove malware and rootkits from the system.You can also protect your computer by immunization with a web browser and hots-file from malicious changes. If you are a more experienced user, you can also check out the different objects with the startup startup manager Windows.

Via Spybot 2 You can scan individual files or specific folders, it does not matter where the file resides - on a local drive or network share.Spybot 2 offers with its own White List, which helps to determine whether a file is safe or not. This is a useful addition helps to speed up testing system.

All aspects of the Free is a free version, but also at the same time you can get free technical support from the developers by e-mail.

New in version 2.4

Modified posts when there are no new updates for the convenience of users.
Fixed: For users of the Polish translation of Spybot update has been violated.

The main components of Spybot - Search & Destroy

Find and remove malware

- Scan and treatment of infected computers
- Scanning and removing rootkits
- Checking applications for iPhone Home / Pro
- Immunization system

Additional tools

- Windows Startup Manager
- Correction system (registry)
- Permanently deleting files
- Secure environment correction Pro
- Creating a bootable disk Spybot 2 LiveCD Pro
- OpenSBI detection rules
- Support for scripting

Automating protection

- Scheduler to perform scheduled tasks Home / Pro
- Command Line Options Home / Pro
- Command Line Tools Pro

The main purpose of Spybot - Search & Destroy

Spybot - Search & Destroy (Spaybot - search and destroy) can detect and remove from your computer various types of malware, from spyware to rootkits.Spyware (Spyware) - a common and dangerous type of threat with which hackers and hackers can monitor your activity on the computer and the Internet, access yourconfidential data. Rootkits - complex threats that hide their presence in the system and virtually inaccessible to traditional antivirus detection. Removing rootkits can only be done with the help of special programs, the functionality that is available in Spybot - Search & Destroy.

Spyware can silently tracks your surfing behavior to create your "marketing profile" based on the sites you visit, which also passed unnoticed compilers and sold your information to advertising companies.

If you see in your browser, a new toolbar that you have not intentionally installed, if your browser "falls" or start page has changed, it is likely that your computer wound up "spy".

But even if there is nothing unusual, the "spies" can still be - the longer, the more it is emerging.

Spybot - Search & Destroy can also clean "traces of" (usage tracks), it would be useful if you share your computer with someone else ("PC sharing") and do not wantso that other users know what you were doing. For professional users have the ability to fix some registry extended reports, manage startup programs and services.

Released: 2015.02.25
Platform: Windows® 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 (32 and 64-bit)
Interface language: ML / Multilingual
License: free
Size: 68.35 Mb