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Opera Developer Portable 34.0.2011.0 * PortableAppZ *

Category: Portable software / Software | Posted: 09/10/2015, 2:14 | Downloads: 582
Opera Developer Portable 34.0.2011.0 * PortableAppZ *

Opera Developer - The browser Opera, updated every two weeks, includes all the latest improvements in Opera. Come up with the progress and enjoy all the latest features.The program allows you to fly off and include graphics, and also boasts proprietary technology scaling Web pages through which users browser almost neversee a horizontal scroll bar. The Opera browser is designed to best meet your needs - whether it is effective work, interesting entertainment or self-expression.

Pages and tabs load faster even on slow Internet connections. The Opera browser verifies the unsafe sites, alerting you to potential threats. Privacy settings Opera browser allows you to browse the web without leaving a trace.

In addition, in Opera, you can find the necessary information from a single address-search string. To go to the page, simply start typing in its address bar or keyword.

Note that the browser has received not only a new look, but also the technical component.Mechanism Chromium brought to his work according to the latest regulatory requirements and increase productivity. Compression mode, formerly known as Opera Turbo, now supports SPDY protocol and faster loading of web pages.

Another characteristic feature of the Opera - the allocation of the once integrated e-mail client as an independent program.

• Ease of viewing
Opera interface combines the precision and quality. Opera includes modern style and powerful options, giving you complete freedom to study the Internet.

• Easy search and navigation
Opera has a powerful search engine and intuitive navigation in the network. Look for information in the different search engines and browse through the results offered while you are typing.

• Work quickly even with a slow connection
Compression mode processes pages for quick viewing in any environment. It allows you to stay connected even at the loss of the connection speed.

• Organize your favorite sites
The improved express panel includes your most visited sites directly on the home page. Advanced search capabilities and group allow quick access to favorites content.

• Do not lose the information found
We got information that you want to come back later? Piggy lets you save the page with just one click by placing it in the multi-level list. Savings Content can be viewed in thumbnail view with adjustable size, or search by keyword.

• Configure the browser as you wish
Add useful service to the browser via Opera Extensions and use their ability to explore new depths of the Internet. Many colorful themes allow you to customize the browser window to your liking.

• Take Opera with you
Keep your bookmarks, Speed ​​Dial sites and passwords using the Opera Link, to always have instant access to everything you love.

• Ask your own keyboard shortcuts
Enhance the convenience of searching and surfing the Internet by setting your own shortcuts and mouse gestures in the browser Opera.

Major changes

- Changed the button "heart" to add to your favorites.
- Blocking HTTP-protected content HTTPS-pages. If you choose to unlock the loading content, the color green label a secure connection changes to gray.
- When the mode is Opera Turbo is enabled, will be a quick start on slow network connections. Opera Turbo will delay the loading of background tabs until they are activated.
- In the fall of Opera will plug-in reports a problem with "black" picture. You can disable the plug-in or reload the page, if necessary.
- If your computer has Pepper Flash, Opera will detect it and use it.

Graduation Year: 2015
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 32-64 bit
Language: Ml / Multilingual
License: free
Size: 32,85 Mb