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PhotoLine 18.53 Portable (Multi / Rus)

Category: Portable software / Software | Posted: 12/10/2015, 2:05 | Downloads: 589
PhotoLine 18.53 Portable (Multi / Rus)

PhotoLine a great alternative to expensive and cumbersome PhotoShop, a universal program with lots of features and very fast speed.Initially attracted by the opportunity to create many different effects in the pictures, but as more and more use of the program reveals its capabilities.

With PhotoLine you can arrange beautiful and original photos of their children and loved ones, make greeting cards, business cards and badges, pocket and wall calendars, and more, including the creation of professional advertising projects prepared for commercial printing.

PhotoLine features of the program:
~ General Information
-Own Versatile and most comprehensive .PLD file format.
Supports 16 bits per channel.
-Support Color CMYK and Lab.
-Work With alpha channel.
-Manage With ICC profiles.
-Handling Image without losing quality.
-Large Digital photo processing capabilities, including with built-in filters.
-Retushirovanie, Correction, special effects, etc.
-Handling IPTC and EXIF ​​data.
Rotate images without quality loss, including mirror.
-Pereimenovyvanie Images, including Batch rename using variables and creating catalogs.
-Create HTML galleries of unlimited size.
-Add (Editing) keywords to images and documents.
-Powerful Search capabilities on various parameters.
-Create, Import and export PDF documents.
-Create Calendars from pocket to poster size with the ability to prepare for printing in print shops.
-Create Barcode all formats.
-Import Images in Photoshop PSD format.
-Advanced Opportunities when working with RAW format.
-rich Functions for creating texts, including dynamic.
-Create Different shaped and wrapped text.
-Creating GIF and Flash animations.
-Web Export.
Tile images, create Web-buttons and image maps.
-Konvertatsiya Between formats in batch mode.
-Create Sophisticated slideshows.
-Use Built-stamps with their own manufacturing.
-Record The acts committed.
-Production Of multipage documents, flyers, advertising leaflets, posters, labels, business cards, CD covers, etc. to prepare them for printing on a home printer or in professional print shops.
-Ability To start and work with the USB-Stick.
-Support Multiple processors

PhotoLine 18.53 Portable (Multi / Rus)

Released: 2014
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
Interface: Multi / Multi
Activation: sew
Size of archive: 23.06 Mb

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