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Security Task Manager 2.0

Category: Security | Posted: 12/10/2015, 2:49 | Downloads: 497
Security Task Manager 2.0

Security Task Manager It analyzes all processes of your PC. It finds and removes software that endangers, control or slow down your PC, even if they are not dependent on the system and disguised.

- A unique security risk rating
Security risk rating indicates the likelihood that any process can be potentsialno spyware, malware or trojan. The rating is based solely on behavior and code analysis, and does not use signature files.
- Comments of our experts and the user community
- A free online scan with all known antiviral software.
- Specifies the full path and file names
- Describes processes
- Detects embedded hidden functions (eg keyboard monitoring, browser supervision or manipulation with it)

Security Task Manager It detects unknown malware and rootkits hidden from your antivirus software.

Security Task Manager displays detailed information about all running processes (applications, DLLs, BHOs, and services).For each process, it improves on Windows Task Manager, providing a security risk rating, a process description, file path, CPU usage graph, start time, embedded hidden functions (for examplekeyboard monitoring, autostart entry, and browser supervision or manipulation), and process type, such as visible window, systray program, DLL, and IE plug-in.The security risk rating indicates the likelihood of the process being potential spyware, malware, a Trojan, or keylogger. It also deletes traces of your Internet and computer activity, prevents keyboard input monitoring, and warns you when the registry is changed.

- Windows 8.1 compatible

Released: 2014
OC: Windows XP / 2000 - 2008 / Vista / 7/8
Language: Multilanguage (Russian present)
Treatment: .reg - files
Size: 2,68 Mb

Download: Security Task Manager 2.0