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AntiWinLocker LiveCD 4.1.4 WinPE 4.0 + USB 4.1.4 Lite

Category: Security | Posted: 15/10/2015, 2:42 | Downloads: 573
AntiWinLocker LiveCD 4.1.4 WinPE 4.0 + USB 4.1.4 Lite

AntiWinLocker LiveCD - Tool to fight the Trojans extortionists, called Trojan.Winlock ( «Vinlokery").This program is designed to release of Windows, if infected vinlokerom, which is a resource, which blocks the operation of the system:start Task Manager, Registry Editor, and Windows boot in safe mode. After that attackers extort money, for example, requiring sending SMS-messages to the paid number for unlocking of Windows.

AntiWinLockerLiveCD program is designed to run from CD / DVD or USB-carrier, and provides tools for system recovery after infection. Lite-version includes the free tools and features for rapid Windows system recovery after infection blocker.

Features AntiWinLocker:
Without reinstalling Windows!
If porn banner does not allow your computer to boot, AntiWinLocker LiveCD / USB will help clean it up - automatically, remove porn banner without your participation and restore normalloading. If pornobanner is in the startup, there is a manual mode that allows you to disable startup items.

Automatic system recovery
• Restores correct values ​​in all critical areas of the shell
• Disable all unsigned files in the startup (including using Autoruns)
• Removes administrator restrictions (blocking Task Manager and Registry Editor)
• Cleans all temporary files and executable files from the user profile
• Removes all system found debuggers (HiJack)
• Restore the HOSTS file to its original state
• Restores system files, if it is not signed (Userinit, taskmgr, logonui, ctfmon)
• Move all unsigned task (.job) to AutorunsDisabled folder
• Deletes Autorun.inf files on all disks found
• Restore the boot sector (only in the WinPE environment)

To remove the blocking viruses Operating system:
Boot from the disc and use the Lite version AntiWinLockerLiveCD.
After removing the virus using AntiWinLockerLiveCD drive - run AutoRuns program - to restore the disabled startup files.

hash sum
MD5: 4c22ed08b422bf4ee5a1db82a81f8d0d

New in AntiWinLockerLiveCD 4.1.4:
Fixed a bug with the fall in Windows 8.1 when the user opened.
Added check App Path.

AntiWinLocker LiveCD 4.1.4 WinPE 4.0 + USB 4.1.4 Lite

AntiWinLocker LiveCD 4.1.4 WinPE 4.0 + USB 4.1.4 Lite

Date of: 2014
Version: v4.1.4
Platform / OS: Windows® 8 / XP / Vista / 7
Language: Russian
Activation: Not required
Size: 212.16 Mb / 181.43 Mb

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