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Lansweeper - Is an indispensable tool for the local network administrator. It provides the most complete information on all connected computers, incoming and outgoing traffic, and so on.In addition, the application has a number of functions for the remote control.The program allows you to receive the following information: the name of the computer user, the list of groups in which it is present, the recent inclusion of some information about the hardware and software parts of the system, active processes, services, browser settings and some of the standard programs.

• Scanning equipment - lansweeper scans network devices and receive detailed reports on asset management. This information can be used for example to determine the candidates for the OS upgrade to Windows 7, or depreciation.
• Scan software - you know what software is running on your network? Do you have a list of authorized software? How about the forbidden software? Reports lansweeper shows the real situation in the software.
• Reports Warning - System warning given to understand everything was in order in the system, or whether there is something wrong.You should not only obtain information about alerts instantly, but also keep track of their history, in order to prevent possible failures in the systems. Reports warnings Lansweeper output this information to the surface.
• Users Active Directory - allows you to know who entered the network and with a car. You can also add users pictures for clarity of the report.
• For details on the PC Active Directory - receive detailed reports about the keys of the operating system and other software.
• Track licenses - one of the most unpleasant features of your work - tracking of software licenses. Give this routine lansweeper'u.
• Supports Wake On Lan (WOL) - today, when electricity prices constantly rising, energy efficiency is the most important factor in reducing the cost of enterprise.You can use the built-in scripting support lansweeper to turn off computers at night and turn on in the morning, so that workers do not waste time waiting for loading or off the system.

Computer equipment
Browse the web interface to see all of the equipment on the computers you are scanning. The option to track changes let you know when a certain component is replaced or removed.
The program scans the equipment in more than 60 different parameters on your computer.

Browse the web interface to see all the software installed on your computers.The software can be approved on the basis of license compliance, and information on the unknown software you can find on the Internet. If you want to dig a little deeper, you can always ask the supplier of the program and its version.

The program includes more than 200 built-in reports. Using a special tool you can create their own reports. Option scanning the user files and registry keys opens endless possibilities of drawing up reports.

Integration with Active Directory
The program gives you all the information on the Active Directory computer, which greatly simplifies the creation of individual reports or detail settings.

Detailed information about the users active directory
The program provides detailed information on all the logged user and stores it in the database. You can upload images to users to technical support staff can see who and when to use a computer.

Surveillance Panel
Panel observations allow you to quickly determine what is wrong in your network. You can create your own reports and add them to the panel by asking their parameters and priority. You can also receive important reports on your email.

User Activity
You can manage all possible actions of users to manage their customers. Install the software remotely run scenarios ... Now everything is possible.

Tracking the use of software licenses
You can track all software installed in your company, as well as calculate the cost of the missing license.

Tracking the use of OS licenses
You can track the operating system installed in your company, as well as calculate the cost of the missing license.

Product Key Recovery
The program allows you to restore the keys of more than 300 products, including Microsoft, Adobe and Autocad. This list is updated.

Scan the event log
You can receive all notices and warning event log for all your computers. As soon as there will be an important mistake, you will immediately receive an alert by email.

Scanning devices
By scanning snmp, ssh and http, you can see an overview of all devices with IP-addresses in your network (switches, routers, printers, machines on Linux, Mac, etc.).You get access to all their data, such as dates of orders and the expiry of its guarantee, and can use them in their reports.

Additional features lansweeper:
• Active scanning - no need to install agents
• Obtain information about the computers and users from Active Directory gives a better vision of the users and computers in the network.
• Scan multiple domains
• Create custom reports
• Delayed network scanning
• Deleted screenshots allow you to monitor the actions of users.
• Remote control

Graduation Year: 2015
Language: English
Activation: Not required
Platform: Windows® XP / Vista / 7/8
Size: 87,51 Mb

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