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Ashlar Vellum Graphite 9.2.8 SP1R2

Category: Software | Posted: 18/10/2015, 2:53 | Downloads: 560
Ashlar Vellum Graphite 9.2.8 SP1R2

Graphite - Professional, but very easy to use program for creating drawings and diagrams. There are a huge number of various tools and support functions.It is intended for design engineers, students, universities, and all who work in this field. It has multilingual and that is especially nice fully Russian interface.

Graphite - the fastest and easy to use software that has all the prerequisites to become the world's leading package for drawing.The program interface is simple and intuitive, allowing users to get started with an initial familiarization with the package.The program allows people who are not familiar with the computer to carry out the design process in an electronic form. You can create two-dimensional drawings and three-dimensional wireframe models of any complexity and detail. Graphite allows to realize all your ideas quickly and efficiently.

The new version includes a new graphical user interface, ability to archive multi-page PDF documents, support for Macs with processors Intel.Another important innovation was the support for AutoCAD 2008/2009/2010, long file names (up to 32 characters), new tools, enhancing the convenience and speed.

• Easy, fast and accurate drawing
• Easy to learn and use package
• Two-dimensional and three-dimensional drawing with high precision
• Modern user-friendly interface of Vellum
• Intelligent bindings in space
• Advanced-driven three-dimensional and two-dimensional equations of parameterization
• Ability to create custom libraries
• Preview pane object
• Flexible and dynamic dimensioning in accordance with the standards of ANSI, JIS, ISO, BAE, DIN, ASME GD & T
• Many types of dynamic
• Accurate import and export formats of other CAD / CAM systems
• Table BOM
• Compatible with both Macintosh and Windows

What's new in Graphite 2D / 3D CAD v9?

Greater Usability Enhancements
• Enlarged Text for User Interface Items
• Updated & Enlarged Icons
• Tool Tips
• Help Tool Hyperlink
• Visual Assistance including:
- Cursor Options
- Scaled Line Weights
- Menu Fonts

New Features & Functions
• General Function Tool Palette
• New Construction Line Tool
• Infinite Grid and Construction Lines
• Copy Item by Path Function
• Stretch Tool
• Visual Color Selection Palettes
• Drag & Drop Re-ordering in Layers, Sheets, and Models Dialogs

Increased Redraw Speed
• Redrawing Interrupt
• Grid Display

Import Export Enhancements
• Latest DXF / DWG Support
• PDF Large Size Export
• Drawing Size Window Supports PDF Page Size
• EPS Export Enhancements

International Enhancements
• Unicode Core Base
• Support for 11 Languages
• Support for Hebrew Typing
• Support for Files from Pirated Versions of Graphite and Vellum

Ashlar Vellum Graphite 9.2.8 SP1R2

Ashlar Vellum Graphite 9.2.8 SP1R2

Ashlar Vellum Graphite 9.2.8 SP1R2

Ashlar Vellum Graphite 9.2.8 SP1R2

Graduation Year : 2014
Activation: Included (crack)
Operating system : Windows® XP | Vista | 7 | 8 & 8.1
Interface language : ML | Russian
Size: 65 Mb