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UpdatePack7R2 14.11.17 by Simplix

Category: Software | Added: 18-10-2015, 05:30 | Downloads: 541
UpdatePack7R2 14.11.17 by Simplix

UpdatePack7R2 nabor to upgrade Windows 7 SP1 and Server 2008 R2. Set allows you to update a working system, upgrade and integrate the distribution.Can be installed on any edition of Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 and any bit of any language. Including updates for all versions of Internet Explorer, all critical, recommended, and security updates.

Changes in version 14.11.17
Added KB2978120-x86-x64, KB2991963-x86-x64, KB2993958-x86-x64, KB3003743-x86-x64, KB3005607-x86-x64, KB3006226-x86-x64
Added KB2952664-v6-x86-x64 (replaces KB2952664-v5-x86-x64)
Added KB2992611-x86-x64 (replaces KB2973337-x86-x64)
Added KB3002885-x86-x64 (replaces KB3000061-x86-x64)
Added KB3003057-v8-x86-x64 (supersedes KB2909210-v8-x86-x64 and KB2987107-v8-x86-x64)
Added KB3003057-v9-x86-x64 (supersedes KB2909210-v9-x86-x64 and KB2987107-v9-x86-x64)
Added KB3003057-v10-x86-x64 (supersedes KB2909210-v10-x86-x64 and KB2987107-v10-x86-x64)
Added KB3003057-v11-x86-x64 (replaces KB2976627-v11-x86-x64 and KB2987107-v11-x86-x64)
Added KB3008627-x86-x64 (replaces KB3000988-x86-x64)
Added KB3010788-x86-x64 (replaces KB3000869-x86-x64)

Released: 2014
OS: Windows 7 / Server 2008 R2 SP1 (x32 / x64)
Language: Russian
Author: simplix
Activation: not required
Size: 562 Mb
MD5: 1853910b95fc598b882287b616884388

UpdatePack7R2 14.11.17 by Simplix