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Artlantis Studio Final

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Artlantis Studio Final

Artlantis Studio - 3D-visualization software that allows you to quickly and easily obtain a high-quality photo of the project, stage and virtual reality panorama (QuickTime VR / Panoramas) and animation.The program is presented in two versions - Artlantis R (Render) and Artlantis S (Studio).The difference between the versions is that the Artlantis S, except for imaging, allows to prepare animated video clips, scenes and panoramas of virtual reality.Simple operation, intuitive interface and powerful management tools allow Artlantis included in the category of "software required to use" - it already has more than 75,000 architects, designers and urban planners in more than 80 countries.

Artlantis Studio allows users to animate objects, as well as communicate directly with ArchiCAD, VectorWorks, SketchUp, AutoCAD, and Arc +.The import function supports several file formats used in CAD, including DXF, DWG and 3DS. Simple interface provides access to the tools, including file sharing Postcard. PostCard technology allows to make statements or material catalogs out of the ordinary bitmaps.

The method of radiation (Radiosity)
- Displaying 3D models taking into account the reflection of light from surfaces!The updated rendering engine allows you to receive high-quality mapping project, taking into account the reflection of light off the walls, floors, ceilings, and others. Facilities building.And thanks to the fact that the image pre-window recreated in real time, you get better and expected after the final photographic image rendering 3D models.
Simulation of the sky
- The new version of Artlantis substantially reworked all sources of illumination project.With the introduction of new types of sources ("physical sky", the sun, moon and stars), all visible elements shed light on other objects of the project through the function of global illumination (globalillumination). In addition, different types of clouds (cirrus, cumulonimbus and stratus), without a doubt only add realism heavens, and thus your project.
Automatic Lighting
- Thanks to new technology automatically adjust the lighting, Artlantis dynamically adjusts the level of illumination of the scene:from the pre-dawn haze the sun to the dim light of the evening sky, depending on external or internal visualization. This in turn results in improving the quality of images and animations.
Integrated post-processing of images
- Need more processing of the received picture does not make sense to use additional software - all you need is in Artlantis.The new version has features for handling raster images - adjust brightness, contrast and color table the final image.And adding the image graininess, contour lines or a pastel shading surfaces, you can achieve fantastic results for styling images. All changes are instantly displayed in the preview window, and the effects can be used either one or a group.
Preparation sheydersov (Shader)
- The new version of Artlantis, new tools for the automatic creation of textures.Sheydersy now have new properties: specular reflection, shine, blur, configuring the overlay raster ... all to improve the quality of textures.This function is, above all, experienced users of the program - now they can customize the library sheydersov through the program interface.
Rich set of textures and objects
- Additional collection of textures and objects, consisting of 25 CD, Artlantis users can get started quickly and set a realistic environment, imitated in the virtual worldscenes from real life. With the release of the new version of Artlantis face additional 5 CD with families for Artlantis: animated 3D models of people, billboards, people, machines, stone and marble floors.New sheydersy and facilities will add realism to your scenes, and control elements is very easy with the help of technology dra.

What's new in version
- Windows icons missing in the WebGL player
- Even when the rendering was completed the progress bar was still displayed
- Final rendering in demo mode the temporary file wrote a 17Gb file
- Animation rendering once completed the temporary folder was not destroyed
- In the window of Preferences changing the location of the auto-save folder or the destination folder was not updated

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